Business, Rural and Commercial Finance

Coast 2 Coast Corporate Finance is a facilitator of business and commercial loans. Every business or commercial loan is affected by a broad spectrum of variables, with some requiring (at times) complex structuring. The extensive banking expertise of Gary and his team at Coast 2 Coast are more than qualified to assist clients requiring this service.

The business and commercial loan products available to Coast 2 Coast range from straight forward investment loans through to more highly leveraged facilities and include the following:

Investment loans for all commercial, industrial and retail assets. Owner-occupied loans for all commercial, industrial and retail assets
Specialised assets such as hotel & motels, caravan parks, petrol stations and child care facilities, structured facilities where the Loan to valuation Ratio (LVR) required exceeds current lending parameters and a structured solution is required

Depending on what information the borrower can provide a finance solution can be achieved through either:

Full Doc Borrowers who can demonstrate serviceability with up to date detailed financial statements covering the last two years, OR

Lo Doc Borrowers who just fall outside the Full Doc criteria who can still clearly demonstrate serviceability through information such as rental income etc

From hobby farms to the largest cattle and cropping farms in Australia, we have the expertise and specialized rural lenders both Bank and Non Bank to meet your funding requirements.

Debtor Finance

Coast 2 Coast is able to arrange  debtor finance facilities for businesses, freeing the business from the constraints of conventional bank funding. We arrange facilities that can pay up to 80% of the value of your invoices within 24 hours. The balance when your customer pays, less a small fee.
That’s the power of debtor finance.